Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here's how an anon becomes an anon. The awesome Top Gun Girl.

First (and probably only) Blog Post.

I don't normally write these things because honestly, I barely have enough to say as it is. I just thought it would be nice to put down my thoughts because there are some things I'd like to say to you all.

When the Call to Arms first came out I was beyond excited. I live a relatively quiet life. This was something I hadn't really seen before. Really, just some dude off the internet made that video. Probably to get a good laugh and go "Hey guys look how I totally freaked these people out!" Either way though, it had me hooked. I sat and watched from the sidelines as this entire thing unfurled, and then picked up a mask at the store on February 10th on the walk to the protest.

What happened that day solidified my decision to continue protesting as long as Anons were up to it. I went home, looked some stuff up, got a little smarter, and decided that maybe there was more of a purpose to this thing than I originally thought. They say people train you to be submissive and complacent with your place in life and I believe that's true. I'm glad I saw otherwise in this case. Though I still generally like to sit on the side and watch, I feel a more a part of it than any other cause I've touched upon.

March 15th rolls around and we have another fantastic protest. I make some new friends. Most whose names I'll probably never know outside of raids. The ning starts up and I start meeting more people. All the awesome people who are part of this community started popping up and now I consider myself truly lucky to be among you. You're all unique and just plain awesome in your own way. Everyone comes from a different viewpoint, has something different to add, has something uniquely offensive to say (XD). It makes me really glad to be a part of this funny little anonymous family. :)

Anons told her to keep blogging and how much they love her.

Anon SF <3 TGG!


Anonymous said...

Let me first tell you what an awesome article this is. This post encapsulates my very feelings also. I relate to this so much, I feel like i wrote it.

This came at the prefect time in my own life. I was questioning the power of the internet and I was losing hope in it. I am an oldfag from the chans.

The first real internet world war; My father had the Korean war, his father World War I. My father told me to never join the military, and I didn't. So i have been without something to fight for. Thank you Anonymous for giving me something worth fighting for, in my own generation. This is a fight that only anonymous can fight. This is a fight we will win.

Moar Xenu! said...

Anon, this is an awesome story. I think of anons as warriors. Channers have a real warrior spirit they learned raiding for lulz and for great justice.

This is for real, and we are making a huge difference. Anonymous delivers. Anonymous will prevail.

Anonymous said...

stfu and gtfo of the internets thats how a raidfag becomes a raidfag. this is fake anon real anon calls gamestop to prank it and raids habbo hotel for lulz. none of this guise lets fight for the freedom of the poor repressed scifags. i hate you. you are the cancer killing anon.

Moar Xenu! said...

lol chan old guard.