Monday, January 26, 2009

The Show With The Klaus Pwns Tom Cruise

The Show with the Klaus on the regional TV channel of Hamburg recently got off several zingers at Tom Cruise and Scientology on the occasion of the LOLkyrie premiere. For over thirty years the regional TV broadcasting organization for Northern Germany (NDR) has produced one of the longest running German TV shows, the weekly political satire show Extra 3 which has been on the air since 1976. Its core audience is center-right.

Extra 3 created The Show with the Klaus over thirty years ago modeled on a children's show called The Show with the Mouse which is still on the air. The Show is something like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood except Mr. Rogers is replaced by an orange mouse who explains complex realities like "How does the internet work?" step by step in simple terms for children

In The Show with the Klaus, political satirist Klaus explains complex political realities with savage glee in the same step by step, simple terms used on The Show with the Mouse. Klaus enjoys something of the popularity of Saturday Night Live and has launched many of its cast members on successful careers.

Klaus specializes in throwing shit at the fan as he takes on Neo Nazis, totalitarian cults, and failed German politicians. Our correspondent from Anonymous Germany writes about Extra 3:

That is why German /b/tards like it a lot, since they produce very
good provocative videos with a "nothing is to be taken srsly" attitude.
Anonymous has already tried to get on the show, since they support another hilarious protest movement, "The Front of German Apples" who protest Neo Nazis in copies of their uniforms, but with all symbols replaced by an apple.

They even produce and write propaganda promoting German apples in exact Nazi style.
So here is the Klaus video in which he says "Tom Cruise is now a Hyper-Thetan-Mega-Alpha-Male in Scientology" and goes on to more gleeful shredding of the Scientology Superstar. btw Tom was a winrar in the Bambis, the German Oscars, last year.

Anonymous Germany has sub-titled the show and provided a useful transcript available at the video's page on Vimeo.

Tom Cruise explained by Klaus - Extra 3 - German Television - Subbed from caekisalie on Vimeo.

You can also download the Klaus 2009 calendar. Molotov cocktail May and human mouse trafficking from China in October are my faves.

Here is a Nazi spoofed poster for the Front of German Apples:

For background information see: Media Report from Anonymous Germany


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Anonymous said...

Front Deutscher Äpfel on english Wikipedia

The Front Deutscher Äpfel (short F.D.Ä.; German for Front of German Apples), also called Apfelfront (Apple Front) is a satirical organisation, founded in Leipzig in 2004. It satirizes right extremist parties, especially the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). In the style of former and existing right extremist organisational structures it is subdivided into numerous sub-groups like the youth organisation Nationales Frischobst Deutschland (NFD; National Fresh Fruit of Germany), the women's organisation Bund weicher Birnen (B.W.B.; League of Soft Pears, compare League of German Girls; Birne, pear, is a German colloquial term for head, "eine weiche Birne haben" ("to have a soft pear"), is synonymous to "being very stupid") and many further local Gaue.

Look here