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SF Chanology - Cinco De Megaraid - 5 May 2012

San Francisco Chanology anons are having a Cinco De Megaraid on 05 May 2012. You are invited. It will be lulz. For infoez:

Some moar propaganda.

pic preview

pic preview

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Jamie DeWolf on his grandfather LRH

Jamie DeWolf is L. Ron Hubbard's grand-son. Here is his routine on LRH from a recent appearance in Oakland.

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How old is Anonymous and where does it go to church?


This is cross-posted from Light In The Darkness:


The press release and letter of Anonymous Québec to Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet applauding his critical remarks on Scientology has stirred curiosity about the relationship of Anonymous to religion and the involvement of religious people in the movement.

Basically, Anonymous consists of a majority of twenty-somethings and equal pluralities of atheists, religious people, and the religiously non-identifying.

The most significant fact is that Anon is of the generation born into the internet and is creating new Web 2.0 forms of culture, community, and activism. If the Church wants to get a clue about contemporary society and culture, it needs to understand Anonymous.

Anon is the vanguard of the anti-Scientology movement, which before Anon was obscure to the point of public invisibility. Anon has given it Web 2.0 cutting edge activism, and its only, and lulzy, symbols and icons: Headless Guy and the Guy Fawkes Mask.

Anonymous is also on the cutting-edge of creating internet communities of distinctively internet culture and activism, which is just beginning to come into existence. Teh Church needs to understand all this.

There are no statistical demographic data on Anonymous except for two polls on the Anonymous forum Why We Protest. One is on age and the other is on religion. Because the voters are self-selecting rather than randomly selected it does not have strict statistical significance. Nonetheless, the polls are a good general demographic indicator for analysis and reflection.

Here is where they stand today, which happens to be the birthday of Lisa McPherson, iconic martyr to organized Scientology's medical quackery, and anniversary of the first Anonymous protests one year ago.

On February 10, 2009, 7,000 anons from Project Chanology poured off the internet and into the streets to say " Happy Birthday!"to Lisa and to tell L. Ron Hubbard and organized Scientology, "GTFO!" They have been raiding Scientology orgs around the world every month for a year now.


Poll: Age Poll

Voters: 1411

0 - 17: 15.45%
18 - 25: 47.98%
26 - 35: 18.43%
36 - 45: 10.35%
45 - 60: 6.17%
60+: 1.63%


Poll: YOUR Religion

Voters: 66

I have collapsed some categories for clarity.

Atheist: 33.33%
Agnostic: 10.61%
Great traditions: 29.28%
Other: 26.78%

Comments on the age poll:

Half of Anonymous is college/immediately post-college age. The next largest group are the late 20/early 30-somethings who form nearly 20% of Anon. Thus 70% of Anon are college to early thirty-somethings. Add in the 36 - 45 age group, and Anon is 80% twenty and thirty- somethings.

What is significant is that over half of Anon was born after 1980. They form what author Chuck Underwood in the Generational Imperative calls, "The Millennials", successors as a social and cultural cohort to Generation X, the Baby Boomers, the Silents, and the G.I. Generation among the five living generations. (See Meet America's Five Living Generations)

I don't agree with many of Underwood's characterizations, but the differences in outlook of distinct groups are real and important to understand, particularly in a movement like Project Chanology, Anon's "large scale plan to take down the Church of Scientology in its present form."

What is significant about the millennials is that they were born into the internet. Anonymous with its image board roots and culture are truly "the children of the internet" and "the internet incarnate" as one of them proclaimed in The State of the Insurgency Address", which remains one of the most powerful manifestos of the essential internet nature of Anonymous, its revolution, and Project Chanology.

The State of the Insurgency is essential reading to understand why Chanology is foremost a free speech movement and secondarily a human rights protest movement. It is true that in a sense all human rights abuse is a genre of suppression of free speech: human trafficking, coerced abortion, false imprisonment, disconnection, and working conditions abuses all involve some degree of suppression of free speech.

However, the victims of all these are individuals. When Scientology suppresses freedom of speech on the internet it oppresses society. No one has seen this as clearly as the original unrelenting anon insurgents from 4chan who launched Project Chanology and were joined by channers from the image board underworld of the internet.

The millennials of Anon launched the first Web 2.0 internet free speech insurgency. They may be starting something less splashy but equally significant, the creation of communities of their own internet culture. In fact, this may be Anon's most important challenge in 2009 to sustain Project Chanology.

The Anonymous local cell site in San Francisco began as We Are Legion, a planning site for Project Chanology activism. It has now morphed into Uplink, a center for internet culture and activism. (Registration required). It is built on a ning platform as are the sites of Anonymous Québec and Anonymous Hamburg, which are among the most active cells in Anon.

Anons don't use the internet. They live on it. What an Anon site like Uplink is doing is experimenting and edging towards the creation of community for people who live on the internet and whose culture is their own, and more importantly, their own creation. Here is how they are doing it

megaphonebitch: How to build an uber planning site for free in under 30 minutes.

There was a wonderful exchange on Why We Protest recently. I can't find the link so I will paraphrase [Update: see original quotes below]

Older cranky anon: Anon culture is the culture of teenagers.

Wise Anon: No. It is the culture of the internet. There are thousands of older people who share this culture, particularly among Information Technology professionals.

Indeed. Pay attention, Cardinal Ouellet.

Comments on the religion poll:

Basically, a third of Anonymous is atheist; another third belong to the great world religious traditions, primarily Christianity; and a third consider themselves "other". This poll has fewer respondents than the age poll and so is somewhat less statistically significant.

A few things strike me. Though atheists are the largest single group, they do not appear to be militant about it any more than religious anons are militant about their beliefs. My impression is that Anon has a more tolerantly agnostic flavor. Agnostics and atheists alike on Why We Protest applauded Cardinal Ouellet's dissing of Scientology.

I have grouped the great religious traditions together because many of the issues regarding Scientology's status in society and law turn on whether it is a New Religion or a religion at all. Christians are the largest group here, with Buddhists and Jews following. And yes, there are Muslim anons. I personally know two, one of whom is a Sufi. This third of Anon forms an important asset in rallying the churches in the work of bringing organized Scientology to accountability in the eyes of society.

In addition, thousands of anons, particularly in the UK and Europe are culturally Lutheran, Catholic, or Anglican. Though personally agnostic or functionally agnostic, many were raised in religious families and attended religious schools. They have social relationships and an understanding of religion's social and political functions which is also an important asset to Chanology.

Special mention should also be made of Jewish anons, particularly for the lively presence of Anon Tel Aviv who collaborated recently with German anons to produce the Hebrew sub-titled version of their interview with a high-ranking German Scientologist Holocaust denier. ( See For Great Justice - Scientology: Holocaust Denial or Just Anti-Semitic?)

For more see Anonymous Tel Aviv and their videos on the channel of Anon Imouse at vimeo.

We have zero information on how Cardinal Ouellet decided to take on Scientology. It is difficult to believe that Anon was not part of that process, if only because he may have asked his assistant one day, "Who on earth are those young people in masks and what are they doing?" Perhaps a reporter should ask him to what extent Anon piqued his interest.

An anon in Germany told me that he hadn't been to church for years but would go back if it would help Chanology. Yesterday, an anon from Anonymous Québec went to meet with his parish priest to speak to him about Chanology and give him a copy of their letter to the Cardinal.

It turned out it was a day off for the curé, so today he is going to the Cardinal's office to personally deliver a copy of the letter there.

I hope the Cardinal or his assistant reads this and invites him in for a chat someday.

In closing, I want to recommend Jeff Jacobsen's illuminating paper We Are Legion: Anonymous and the War on Scientology. It is the most serious sociological treatment of Anonymous that has yet appeared. Significantly, Jeff is a Christian and former Scientology Lisa McPherson Trust staff member [Thanks for the correction Jeff.], who was a member of a Pentecostal church that turned into a cult and who returned to Christianity after he left Scientology. The Cardinal, and anyone else interested in understanding Anonymous needs to read Jeff's paper.

Oh hai. Thx 4 teh infoz!!11unum


Update: a commenter here pointed me to the original post by Anoniemert in the thread "What do Scienologists do for fun? The older cranky anon is, in fact, a former Scientologist newly acquainted with Anonymous culture. Anoniemert is the wise anon:
Michael stop trying to be a culture imitator; recovery is important for ex-Scientologists but not to the point where you feel it necessary to imitate the culture of teenagers.


I would like to point out, as neutrally as possible, that this is a slightly incorrect view of the culture.

I am not a teenager and have been actively following the culture for years.
The anonymous culture is not the culture of teenagers, it is the culture of the internet.

Due to it's nature the participants of anonymous are mostly teenagers and students.
It also includes many professionals (mostly IT) of any age.

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The Show With The Klaus Pwns Tom Cruise

The Show with the Klaus on the regional TV channel of Hamburg recently got off several zingers at Tom Cruise and Scientology on the occasion of the LOLkyrie premiere. For over thirty years the regional TV broadcasting organization for Northern Germany (NDR) has produced one of the longest running German TV shows, the weekly political satire show Extra 3 which has been on the air since 1976. Its core audience is center-right.

Extra 3 created The Show with the Klaus over thirty years ago modeled on a children's show called The Show with the Mouse which is still on the air. The Show is something like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood except Mr. Rogers is replaced by an orange mouse who explains complex realities like "How does the internet work?" step by step in simple terms for children

In The Show with the Klaus, political satirist Klaus explains complex political realities with savage glee in the same step by step, simple terms used on The Show with the Mouse. Klaus enjoys something of the popularity of Saturday Night Live and has launched many of its cast members on successful careers.

Klaus specializes in throwing shit at the fan as he takes on Neo Nazis, totalitarian cults, and failed German politicians. Our correspondent from Anonymous Germany writes about Extra 3:

That is why German /b/tards like it a lot, since they produce very
good provocative videos with a "nothing is to be taken srsly" attitude.
Anonymous has already tried to get on the show, since they support another hilarious protest movement, "The Front of German Apples" who protest Neo Nazis in copies of their uniforms, but with all symbols replaced by an apple.

They even produce and write propaganda promoting German apples in exact Nazi style.
So here is the Klaus video in which he says "Tom Cruise is now a Hyper-Thetan-Mega-Alpha-Male in Scientology" and goes on to more gleeful shredding of the Scientology Superstar. btw Tom was a winrar in the Bambis, the German Oscars, last year.

Anonymous Germany has sub-titled the show and provided a useful transcript available at the video's page on Vimeo.

Tom Cruise explained by Klaus - Extra 3 - German Television - Subbed from caekisalie on Vimeo.

You can also download the Klaus 2009 calendar. Molotov cocktail May and human mouse trafficking from China in October are my faves.

Here is a Nazi spoofed poster for the Front of German Apples:

For background information see: Media Report from Anonymous Germany


Media Report from Anonymous Germany

Anonymous Germany has gotten a fair amount of coverage in the German media. This month of January has been jam-packed with Scientology related incidents: the tragic death of Jeff Travolta; the European premieres of Valkyrie; homophobic machinations at the Gold Base Kremlin; and filing of legal complaints of slave labor, coerced abortions, and human trafficking by Marc and Claire Headley. As public interest has quickened, Anonymous has continued to appear in stories and interviews with German print and TV media, including two of Germany's leading TV channels, ARD and ZDF.

Since Germany has placed Scientology under special surveillance by the Office for the Defense of the Constitution, what happens in Germany is important to the world-wide Scientology-critical movement. I asked our correspondent from Anon Germany for background on the German media in what follos below.

Historically, Germany has had three state-owned TV channels. Due to opening the airwaves to competition there are now hundreds of new stations available to viewers. However, the state-owned channels still claim the majority of viewers. The channels are:

- ARD ("The First")
- ZDF ("Second German Television" or just "the second")
- The so called "regional thirds" which are part of the ARD, but broadcast on a different channel, and focus on specific German Regions.

These channels are funded by German viewers through a special tax-like fee. Since they get money from the general public they have (by law) special aims to fulfill with their programs, which means:

- They do not obey any industrial/economic/religious/
governmental lobby.
- They have to inform their viewers truthfully and correctly. (which makes them superior to the private channels in the eyes of most viewers)
- their program must have large "cultural" parts.
- only limited advertising, and no advertisement breaks.

These programs are taken very seriously among educated German viewers. Thus it was a huge win for Anonymous who appeared this month on both ARD and ZDF.

As for the print media, Anonymous has appeared in Bild, the best-selling newspaper in Europe. Bild is the German analog of the English Sun: Splashy headlines, big pictures, easy-to-read articles and lots of human interest stories. Its appeal is largely middle class and is less read by people with advanced education.

provides "bread and circuses" for the masses and is regularly lampooned for this particular social function. Bild headlines are prized for their hilarious sensationalism, one fan going so far to paper his bathroom with them for teh lulz.

Bild is politically conservative and hostile to Scientology, particularly in their online and regional Hamburg editions, no doubt due to the influence of Ursula Caberta and her Scientology Working Group at the Ministry of Interior there. Bild has been supportive of Anonymous, writing about them before any other newspaper took interest. In fine Bild style, two early headlines shouted out, "Masked protest against the psycho cult!" "and "Honking against the psycho cult strikes again!"

This background is important to understand the skewering recently given Tom Cruise by Klaus, a much-loved political satirist, on The Show with the Klaus TV show which I will write about next. (See The Show With The Klaus Pwns Tom Cruise ) Anonymous is helping to raise the visibility of Scientology-critical issues in the German mainstream media.

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I posted this over at Damian DeWitt's For Great Justice site. Blogger has apparently deleted it. We are working on contacting blogger. In the meanwhile, I am reposting it here.

Since the old digg link now no longer works I would appreciate readers digging this article for great justice.

I have also added a link to an excellent map of Gold Base which Angry Gay Pope calls "the Xanadu of Xenuphobia." It is important to note that Muriel Dufresne who figures so prominently in these events is not just a Public Relations Officer at Gold Base but also a member of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), organized Scientology's intelligence and spai agency. Deep down,OSA agents are nice people, srsly.

By delicious irony on January 15 last year when brass balls Nick Denton at Gawker refused to take down the infamous Tom Cruise rant video and the brass balls unrelenting anons of /b/ on 4chan went to war with organized Scientology, Ms. Dufresne had something to say:

Muriel Dufresne, another spokeswoman for Golden Era, said she has not been too bothered by Scientology's critics.

"There is such a thing as freedom of speech," Dufresne said. "People can say what they want. But they need to get their facts straight.


Ida Camburn, 86, protesting at Gold Base. She took Graham Berry out to dinner after the stat-crashing January 8, 2008 raid. She has not seen her son for 36 years. The Church forced him to disconnect from her. See YouTube: The Lighthouse Letter -- Operation Reconnect - Why We Fight III from the excellent LRonHu88ard.


Originally posted on Monday, January 12, on For Great Justice:

For Great Justice - Breaking: Scientology international headquarters seeks ban on HIV+ gay protesters

The Church of Scientology has deceptively obtained the private medical records of two gay protestors, and raised their HIV+ status as one of many attempts to block protesting by the free speech and human rights protest group Anonymous at at its sprawling 500 acre Gold Base world headquarters at Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

The Riverside Country Board of Supervisors meets tomorrow, January 13, to consider the Church's urgent request to revise yet again an ordinance just approved last week.

Last Tuesday, January 6, the Riverside Country Board of Supervisors approved a revised protesting ordinance Scientology had hoped would effectively prevent Anonymous from protesting. However, the revision preserved Anonymous' right to protest in its usual position across from the main gate. Controversy is on going about interpretation of some ordinance provisions. and a six month review is specified.

The first protest under the new ordinance was called for Thursday, January 8. It was attended by LA Times reporter David Kelly and just three protesters from Anonymous, all of whom happen to be gay: Scientology lawfare veteran and attorney Graham Berry, Scientology critic and comedian Angry Gay Pope (AGP), and former Scientology staff member Happy Smurf.

Kelly was astonished that no sooner had the group gathered than five police cruisers descended. Some of the 500 Gold Base staff members had called 911 to complain that their security was being threatened by the three gay protesters. In his important account Graham Berry writes:

Outside Scientology's sailing ship perpetually moored in the desert sands, cackled a parrot. I thought to myself, if that parrot starts imitating AGP and squawking, "Tax the cult," it would very soon be a dead parrot. It quickly became evident to me that the entire Gold Base was on lock down. All of the blinds and shutters were drawn. The only people visible were the silhouettes of the two security officers in the guard house and the public relations in-charge, Muriel Dufresne, the woman who had become so well acquainted with Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone and his family. I have been told that Muriel Dufresne has had store accounts for purchasing gifts for public officials that Gold Base needs to co-opt and corrupt. Apparently, Muriel has also been observed surreptitiously recording Hemet City Council meetings. Additionally, she has sat on the Hemet library committee (as a sort of de facto Scientology censor).

Muriel Dufresne was literally running back and forth between a nearby building and the guardhouse. Meanwhile two more people arrived to observe us. One was a reporter and the other a photographer from the Los Angeles Times. The reporter had been at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 6, 2009. His report would appear in the LA blogs section on Friday January 9, 2009.

At about 1:45 P.M., five Riverside County Sheriff's vehicles responded to multiple calls from Scientology to deal with two picketers and a photographer. The Sergeant in charge was polite and adamant that they were not looking to interfere with our First Amendment rights. However, for most of the next hour all five Sheriff's deputies were huddled inside the Scientology compound with Muriel and her assistant. We were excluded and just kept going on about our picketing. From time to time, various deputies would come out and engage us. First, they demanded and then took all of our driver's licenses, recording the details for a cult anxious to obtain all such information for its own highly questionable purposes. Although this is unlawful, it is constantly done by Los Angeles and Riverside Police when called to pickets outside Scientology locations. It was the first time in twenty years of journalism that the Los Angeles Times reporter had been asked for identification by the police.

At one point, the Sheriff's Deputies emerged and their Sergeant informed us that Scientology and the Riverside County's Legal Counsel had worked out an interpretation of Ordinances 884 and 888. Provided we did not use the name of any living Scientologist specifically, and only protested Scientology generally, we could protest up and down both sides of Highway 79. And so, AGP and I continued to do that while Scientology's representatives, the five Sheriff's deputies and the Los Angeles Times reporter went inside the Scientology compound.

And now comes the shocking revelation of the protesters' HIV status:

Later, we would learn that Scientologist Muriel Dufresne then provided the Sheriff's deputies with Scientology "Dead Agent" packs on the "crimes," as alleged and manufactured by Scientology, of AGP, Happy Smurf and I. Outrageously, Scientology had obtained and distributed personal medical information from the private health records of AGP and Happy Smurf. Deceptively, they also used the recanted Cipriano declaration to try and discredit and slime me. Apparently, Muriel Dufresne had gloated over their success in having me declared a vexatious litigant. However, that provides some of the factual basis for my picket sign and statement, "$cientology: Cult of Blackmail, Bribery and Fraud." Of course, the Riverside Sheriff's Deputies do not know that this is part of Scientology's "Fair Game" policies for the "handling of Suppressive Persons." They have not seen the Scientology scripture that reads, "The only way to control someone is to lie to them."
Happy Smurf and AGP have confirmed they are both HIV+.

This is an utterly outrageous turn in a struggle for peaceful first amendment protest against the unscrupulous power of organized Scientology so aptly described by Time as "The thriving cult of greed and power." Hubbard's Scientology doctrines are homophobic, and it claims its reparative therapy will cure homosexuality. The Church of Scientology San Diego supported anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in November.

The gay community, undoubtedly, will be livid over all of this.

Constitutional free speech and church-state religious issues have caught the attention of the respected UCLA professor Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy and Scientology critic and attorney Scott Pilutik.

The issues are serious and have been heightened by the filing last week of Marc Headley vs Church of Scientology International. Headley was Executive Producer of Golden Era Studios which produces Scientology promotional materials working at Gold from 1990 - 2005. He is directly challenging Scientology's claim that Sea Org staff are members of a religious order and therefore do not need to be paid a minimum wage. He is claiming compensation under California Labor law for the meager 39 cents an hour wages he was paid. The suit is potentially devastating to Scientology and may become important in the interpretation of constitutional law.

Important sources:

Graham Berry's account of the Thursday, Jan 9 protest

Graham Berry's Letter to the Riverside County supervisors regarding the protest ordinance

Angry Gay Pope's website: There is lots of info here

David Kelly LA Times accounts:

Scientology opponents bristle at protest limits in Riverside County - Los Angeles Times

Scientology foes blast new Riverside County law - Los Angeles Times

Eugene Volokh: Unconstitutional Residential Picketing Ban

Scott Pilutik: Scientology's new anti-picketing ordinance in Riverside County

Why We Protest thread disussion of HIPPA and other issues: Breaking: Scientology international headquarters seeks ban on HIV+ gay protesters

Excellent map of teh Xanadu of Xenuphobia

Update: First version of this article now on Indybay Media.

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If Anonymous is smart in its war on Scientology, it will recruit Prince Harry for
Project Chanology, like rite nao.

In a World Exclusive, News of the World write in their article
Prince Harry video nasty that will spark outrage:
ROYAL rebel Prince Harry today stands accused of racism in a bombshell home video as he swaggers in front of his army comrades.

The soldier prince pours shame on the Royal Family as he calls an Asian squaddie “our little Paki friend” and tells another officer cadet jokingly wearing a camouflage veil off duty: “F*** me, you look like a raghead”—an offensive term for an Arab.

Watch Prince Harry's racist 'Paki' jibe tape

Harry, 24, third in line to the throne, also mocks the Queen—who is Commander-in-Chief of the British Army—while acting out a mobile phone call to her in front of other cadets at a field camp in Cyprus.

They laugh out loud as the disrespectful Prince pretends to get bored talking to his grandmother and dismissively hangs up on her saying: “Send my love to the corgis. I’ve got to go, got to go, bye. God Save You . . . yeah, that’s great.”

He even jokes about the colour of his pubic hair with one soldier in the middle of giving orders.

WATCH YOUR TONGUE: Harry closes in on pal at party

WATCH YOUR TONGUE: Harry closes in on pal at party

Last night Clarence House issued an APOLOGY for his behaviour in the shocking video diary—in which Harry is often behind the camera giving a foul-mouthed commentary. Extracts from the shock video can be seen on only our website

And the Ministry of Defence said last night: “This sort of language is not acceptable in a modern army.”

His sick remarks will not only have infuriated the Queen but could also increase tensions with Islamic groups in the UK who were outraged that he went to fight and kill Muslims in Afghanistan.

And they will mortify Army chiefs trying to recruit soldiers from Britian’s ethnic minorities.

The film was made in 2006, just a year after Harry was shamed for wearing a Nazi swastika at a fancy dress party and forced to make a grovelling apology.

One of Anon's sekrits is that there are /b/tards and other channer Anons in the
military. A retired Military Intelligence veteran told me he personally knows 100
active-duty military /b/tards. He was on active duty in Afghanistan and posted in
the historic thread on /b/ "I think it's time for /b/ to do something big" in which
Anon launched the first salvos against "The thriving cult of greed and power."

The first anniversary of this epic thread is coming up on January 15. It is also the
anniversary of Gawker Founder Nick Denton's brass balls refusal to take down the
now-infamous Tom Cruise video, a stellar example of what Anon says in its
January 21
declaration of war Message to Scientology, "the artlessness of your
organization has sounded it's death knell."

But let's hear moar from teh tongue-licking homo Prince Harry Firecrotch:
“Anybody else around here? . . . Ah, our little Paki friend . . . Ahmed.”

“It’s Dan the Man . . . F*** me, you look like a raghead.

“How do you feel? Gay? Queer on the side?“

One of the squad cheekily remarks: “Are your pubes ginger too?”Harry replies: “Sorry?” He is then asked the question again and replies: “Yes, they are” to laughter from the rest.

In 2006, he managed to offend the Romanians at a Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme ceremony, saying of the country’s many orphanages: “There’s so many over there you feel they breed them just to put them in orphanages.”

In 2002, he asked an Australian Aborigine, the head of a cultural park: “Do you still throw spears at each other?”


It was inevitable that the racist prince would get spanked and forced to apologize. Equally inevitable are reactions like that of
Tory MP and former army officer Patrick Mercer: “It is unforgiveable.” And, of course, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and its Boss, Sir Trevor Philips, are all butthurt because that's their job, like the sister Kangaroo Courts Human Rights Tribunals in Canada. For moar see: WILL SCIENTOLOGY FAIR GAME ANONYMOUS IN CANADA'S HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNALS?

A spokesman from that bastion of defense of freedom of speech, the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said: “It beggars belief that Prince Harry did not realise just how crude and offensive such a remark is."

Uh. No. Prince Harry Firecrotch totally realized "just how crude and offensive such a remark is". That's why he said it, you moron.

The "Right not to feel butthurt trumps freedom of speech" crowd among the Church of Scientology, the PCtards of the Left and the Social Conservatives of the Right is totally tone-deaf to the irony that permeates the culture of people under the age of 28 (The Fag Prince is 24) and which rocks out in channer culture, Anonymous, and Project Chanlology. (One guy on the right, Good Lieutenant, at Jawa Report totally gets it. As does progressive ex-Scientology staff member and critic Jeff Jacobsen.)

Anon's generation is the least racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic ever because anons have been educated in thoroughly PC-soaked education systems. (which explains why they are so polite to the public when they raid, srsly).

With Hegelian and Freudian precision PC has created Anonymous: Anon is the higher ironic and lulzy synthesis of PC thesis and niggerfagkike haetfaggotry anti-thesis, as well as Psychiatry's return of the repressed.

It's why 18-year old Eagle Scout engineering student anons go to the chans where they can be anything they want to be and say and post anything they want (except CP - lol Pedobear, teh greatest thing on teh internetz evar ). btw goatse "used to be considered gross; now it's the Heinz Mild Ketchup of gross-outs." Gawker says so.

But srsly, we have been here before. Check out Exploring Constitutional Conflicts: Regulation of Indecent Speech and the verbatim transcript of "Filthy Words", the George Carlin monologue at issue in the Supreme Court case of FCC v. Pacifica Foundation. For you lazy faggots, Carlin's famous seven words are: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.

Most of the 684 850 929 1085 commenters get it:

By nico. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 1:52 PM.

Lay off the guy. He's young.He's an army guy. The rest of the world is sick and tired of Political correctness. Maybe if we made Harry KING OF THE WORLD, LEADER OF ANONYMOUS there would be a better climate to bring up our kids!


A word in itself is not racist, it is about the intent which lies behind the use of that word. Unless you are a moron or a closet republican, it is obvious that there was no malice behind what Harry said. This is political correctness gone mad yet again. Don't let them get you down, Harry.

By TimV. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 1:43 PM.

How funny! Those who are getting the vapors over Harry's comments are even funnier! People with no clue as to how things in the military are done. It's all about context, but I thought the PC brigaid understood all about "grey areas" in life. (I know, only they get to decide what the grey ares are). They should not even be acknowledged. Start writing letters, etc. let your voices be heard everywhere in Harry's not be intimidated by the perpetually offended. Ignore them. By the way...who's Sir Trevor Phillips? Never heard of him.

By Louise Stephens. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 1:15 PM.

I thought Princess Diana taught him better. What would his mother think if she was living?

Even fags get it:

By dave lee. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 12:22 PM.

It happened three years ago, it is the army, he apologised. For god sake get a life. I am gay and almost everyday my work colleagues call me a poof. It is not in malice but in fun. The trouble with this country political correctness as gone OTT.

By Brent. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 12:50 PM.

Keerist. I am deeply offended that Harry the Hooligan gave up the info concerning his gingerness. As a fellow redhead, that's top secret information and one of the best ways in my arsenal when it comes to snagging a bit of fun, so to speak. Harry? How could you tell what colour? OMG, I'm sunk. I'm never gonna have fun again. No one will wanna see me in the fresh because now they know, boo hoo . . . Oh, don't cry for me, PCeities. I have other tricks up my pantleg. HaHaHarry! You're cute; and, I ain't no fairy :). Good on ya, Man.

This is the best comment:

By FED_UP. Posted Jänner 11 2009 at 1:54 PM.

when I was in the Royal Navy I was called Jock all the time. I used to cry myself to sleep in my hammock every night.I've been in therapy ever since.

There's moar:

"LAST night Clarence House issued a statement apologising for Harry’s behaviour—but claimed he didn’t mean to insult anyone." Here is the money shot from the official Clarence House statement:

“Prince Harry is using the term ‘raghead’ to mean Taliban.”

Sometimes you don't know whether to facepalm, lol, go niggerniggernigger or just read some Shakespeare.

Anonymous must recruit Prince Harry Firecrotch for Project Chanology (if he's not an anon already.)

At your service for great justice, sir!