Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Anonymous Revolution so far has two symbols: Headless Guy and the Mudkip. The DC anons were the first to make a headless guy flag. I decided to make flag using a mudkip, the logo on the Project Chanology website. An excellent graphic artist anon created the design. It was unfurled for the first time at the San Francisco raid on March 15, 2008, and carried into battle at the protest at the CoS LRH Birthday event held at the Hilton Hotel on March 22.

Anons in San Francisco are delighted with the flag. Some anons staged an epic Iwo Jima style raising of the mudkip flag right in front of the org. lol! Will post moar pix later. The flag was designed by the awesome tintinanon.

Update: Here's a video from anonymouslalalalala Teh anons squeal with the delight at the delicious mudkip caek:

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