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What's up with all the Guy Fawkes masks?

Also called Epic Fail Guy or EFG masks. Watch V for Vendetta. Also, we don't want to get "fair gamed" by the Cult of $cientology. See "Fair Game" and "R2-45" on Wikipedia.

What is the thing with Xenu?

According to L. Wrong Hubbard the Evil Lord Xenu and his Evil Psychiatrists are responsible for everything evil in the world. $cilons hate him. Therefore, he is our Lord. We taunt $cilons with him whenever possible, particularly because they are not supposed to find out about him until they pay the Cult $300,000. Madness.

What are "lulz"? And how do you pronounce it?

Lulz is the plural of LOL (Laugh Out Loud). It is pronounced exactly like the word "lulls". It is not "a corruption of LOL" as the morons at Faux News believe. Anonymous are lulz-warriors. In lulz we trust. Lulz and epic lulz are the only reasons we do anything. We fight for lulz and great justice. "Came for the lulz; stayed for great justice, epic win, and moar lulz." - Anonymous

Why is Anonymous intent on taking down the Church of Scientology in its present form?

Alleged murders; driving people to suicide; medical quackery; practicing psychotherapy without a license; false imprisonment; frame-ups; wire-tapping; theft; planting damaging evidence; slander; blackmail; extortion; subversion; black ops; driving people to insanity; bilking poor people out of money; crushing people and their companies to bankruptcy with lawsuits; evasion of process serving; carrying out the largest infiltration of the US Government ever; destruction of families by "disconnection"; church punishment re-education gulags; exploitation of members at sub-minimum wages; imprisoning kids of foreign church workers by locking up their passports; forced abortions as condition of maintaining employment; intimidation of the media; sexual abuse; homophobia; grinding down the IRS to the point of budget deplenishment to get tax-exemption, quite possibly ultimately obtained by blackmail and extortion.

tl;dr (too long; didn't read): "Just like the Mafia, but without the ethnic charm and humor." - Anonymous

I have seen a strange looking bird-like animal on a Project Chanology flag. What is it?

It's a mudkip. It is the logo of Project Chanology, "a large-scale plan to take down the Church of Scientology in it's present form." You can see it on the ProChan website. It's one of our symbols because it's lulzy. For background refer to the article Mudkip on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

What is all this stuff about the "Fourth or Fifth Marcab Invader Fleet"?

It's part of the cult's "space opera" (See Wikipedia). Church of $cientology Supreme Leader David Miscavige believes that Anonymous are the "Fourth or Fifth Marcab Invader Fleet" allied with Evil Psychiatrists to use the internets to take control of thousands of net minions. You can't make this shit up. Has produced many epic anonymous photo-shops and epic lulz for the Marcabian Lulz-Warriors.

What's the deal on Rick Astley and Never Gonna Give You Up?

You have a problem with Rick Astley?

What's the deal with the 1812 Overture?

Watch V for Vendetta.

Are you going to play Andrew W.K's Party Hard a lot at your Party Hard L. Wrong Hubbard Birthday Party on March 15, 2008?


Where's the best place to get more information?

1. Critical Scientology Resources at
3. Ex-Scientology Kids
5. Project Chanology at partvan
6. Project Chanology at Encyclopedia Dramatica

Why does Anonymous think it can win this war/insurgency?

We are Legion, and doesn't afraid of anything. We are ten-year old girls on the internets and 87-year old granmas writing letters with other blue-hair minions. We are your IT guys. We are psychiatrists, mid-wives, nurses, doctors, veterinary technicians, therapists, sociologists, clerks, admin assistants, sales guys, marketing guys, litigators, public defenders, soldiers, sailors, Marines, MBA's, accountants, bankers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, bar-tenders, bikers, cops, gear-heads, composers, musicians, singers, artists, poets, celebrity gossip hounds, bloggers, journalists, editors, ex-$cilons, ex-$cilon kids, family and friends of people still in the cult, atheists, agnostics, Jesus freaks, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, rich, poor, straight, gay, color-blind, students, grad students, professors, lawyers, paralegals, DJ's, rockers, punkers, gamers, youtubers, /b/tards, housewives, soccer moms, single moms, single dads, channers, athletes. Lulz-Warriors. Epic Winners. We are you. Join us.

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Anonymous said...

I am an american soldier and an IT I'd love to be part of Legion. The hell with scientology. (though i still like tom cruise, perhaps one day he'll wake up from this cult)