Friday, July 11, 2008


Anonymous Munich scored another epic win on Saturday, June 14, 2008, at Sea Org vs Sea Arrrgh, the sixth monthly world-wide raid against Scientology. Along with serious protesting, much hilarity ensued from the Anon pirates protesting abuses like slave labor at the Sea Org, the church's elite para-military naval organization. Lulz were had mocking the shit out of this ludicrous "navy" and its cruise ship, the Freewinds, laden with mesothelioma-inducing blue asbestos.

Anonoymous6 created a Anonymous Munich White Rose Anonymous flag from our design and you can see it in Anon214365's vid made of charm and win. Munichfags showed Sanfagcisco fags teh luv with their signs. A Canadian anon bkanonottawa was visiting. Here is his slideshow of the raid. The enturb thread with rickroll, headbanging vids etc. is here. Here are some pix:

This is one the best raid vids evar. Munichanons rock. Thanks for all teh internets!


Cool titles from Anon214365 video of Operation Sea Argggh June 14th Munich Germany


Sea Arggggh
Munich, Germany
June 14, 2008

We are here again to help the victims of the Church of Scientology.

No church would coerce abortions.
Scientology does in the Sea Org.

We got no support and good advice from our friends: The Police

A great day for a protest and snacks.
Scientology thought so too:
They took our spot from the March protest.

Less action and visitors than ours.
Also more attention from the police.

[shot of policeman]
He gave us the finger over and over again.
He was enturbulated from our awesome flags and costumes.

Scientology did not give him a costume =-(
He was also jealous of our postive energy.
Maybe he was jealous of our drinks.

Our favorite red hair Scilon came to visit us again.
She liked to take flyers and crumple them in our faces again.

Poor Scilon is enturbulated.

[shot of Anonymous Munich White Rose flag]
And they think we are 1.1. *

All teh internets to you
San Francisco Anons.

Thanks to all the ex-Scientologists who came.
You are not alone.

* "1.1" is a reference to the 40 point Emotional Tone Scale of L. Ron Hubbard. It basically means "scum". In the Scientology world of the feature, these people will be "quitely disposed of without sorrow."

- Anonymous bringts. Anonymous delivers.

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