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For Great Justice supports the E-Meter Initiative that has arisen out of the excellent research and impassioned writing of Dr. Lilly von Marcab. and aims at petitioning the government to end stress testing by Scientology. The issue of non-compliance of e-meters with Food and Drug laws is of lesser importance compared to the perjuries of David Miscavige, the religious cloaking and tax exemption issues, along with recurring human rights violations in the Sea Org. However, it provides leverage with our government regarding administrative code violations that will keep another spot light on the Church of Scientology with the public.

Secular use of the e-meter in public stress testing is illegal according to the 1971 ruling of Judge Herhard Gesell. It provides ample material for the signs, banners, and fliers of Anonymous. Anonymous may well shut down stress testing by its street raiding and internet activism alone.

The relevant part of the ruling is below the speech.

Here is a suggested speech for the Over 9000 Anon March in Washington DC, calling on the government to end Ending Stress Testing. This first National Anonymous demonstration takes place this Saturday, July 19, 2008. at the reflecting pools and the Lincoln Memorial, "amid teh monuments of awesome."

End Stess Testing: A Speech for the 9000 Anon March on Washington, DC

Standing here amid the great institutions
that guarantee and sustain our our freedoms,
we petition the President, the Congress, the Justice Department, and the Food and Drug Administration
to investigate and remedy Scientology's gross and continuing violations of the laws that protect us from
their fraud, deception, and medical quackery, which have claimed thousands of victims.

We ask you to enforce our present laws.
We ask you to end a practice that has deceived thousands of hapless victims,
damaging, ruining, and destroying their physical, psychological, and financial well-being.
We ask you to enforce Judge Gesell's ruling in our Federal Courts and
end illegal stress tests in the public square with the crude lie detector known as the e-meter.
We ask you to reaffirm the Court's condemnation of this device as scientific fraud and medical quackery.

Daily, illegally, and fraudulently, hundreds of Scientologists present themselves to the public as secular diagnosticians
and purport to diagnose and treat individual's neuro-physical, medical, and psychological condition of stress.

Through the lure of free stress tests on street corners, at malls, and in subways
thousands have been se
duced deeply into a cult of greed and power
to their physical, psychological, moral and financial ruin.

Protect the vulnerable, as you are sworn,
from all of corporate Scientology's forms of interrogation,
mind control, and junk therapy.

We ask you, our government and servants of the People, to restore our confidence in the laws meant to protect us from this fraud and deception.

We pray you may be moved by truth to act for great justice.


Anonymous will be present at the Mall bearing their awesome flags, banners, and signs in their hundreds if not their thousands. Most certainly more than 9,000 anonymous will be present in spirit, their eyes glued to monitors and their fingers hovering over keyboards from Sydney to Munich to San Francisco.

Among the Anonymous will be proud /b/tards from 4chan, who rallied their comrades from the chans and launched this extraordinary internet and street insurgency; channers of all sorts; a core of Anon's indispensable trolls; and anons from ages thirteen to eighty-three who have joined the Anonymous Insurgency "for lulz and great justice".

Among the revered and beloved veteran anti-Scientologists attending and speaking are -

Dawn Olsen of - tireless pursuer and propagator of the truth through columns, podcasts interviews and important interviews.

Tory "Magoo" Christman - the rickrolling sweetheart of Anonymous who has slap fight scars to prove it

Graham Berry - the extraordinary and courageous anti-Scientology lawyer fair gamed by lawfare.

Mark "Wise Beard Man Bunker" - Anon's favorite TV talking head. "His words are wise. His face is beard."

Boris Korczak - the favorite spy of Anonymous. As a former CIA Agent who infiltrated the KGB and survived an assassination attempted assassination by poison, he is an estimable ally in the struggle with the Church's ruthless and immoral Office of Special Affairs.

Arnie Lerma, a source of knowledge and wisdom of all things anti-scientology. He is a living example of the belief that "unearned suffering is redemptive."

From the 1971 Ruling of Federal Court Judge Gerhard Gesell

An E-meter shall be deemed to comply with the Act if and only if it is used, sold or distributed upon specified conditions.

The device may be used or sold or distributed only for use in bona fide religious counseling. No user, purchaser or distributee (other than the Founding Church of Scientology or an ordained practicing minister of the Church) shall be considered engaged in bona fide religious counseling unless and until such user, purchaser or distributee has filed an affidavit with the Secretary of the Food and Drug Administration stating the basis on which a claim of bona fide religious counseling is made, together with an undertaking to comply with all conditions of the judgment so long as the E-meter is used.

The device should bear a prominent, clearly visible notice warning that any person using it for auditing or counseling of any kind is forbidden by law to represent that there is any medical or scientific basis for believing or asserting that the device is useful in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease. It should be noted in the warning that the device has been condemned by a United States District Court for misrepresentation and misbranding under the Food and Drug laws, that use is permitted only as part of religious activity, and that the E-meter is not medically or scientifically capable of improving the health or bodily functions of anyone.

Each user, purchaser, and distributee of the E-meter shall sign a written statement that he has read such warning and understands its contents and such statements shall be preserved.

Any and all literature which refers to the E-meter or to auditing, including advertisements, distributed directly or indirectly by the seller or distributor of the E-meter or by anyone utilizing or promoting the use of the Emeter, should bear a prominent notice printed in or permanently affixed to each item or such literature, stating that the device known as a Hubbard Electrometer, or E-meter, used in auditing, has been condemned by a United States District Court on the grounds that the literature of Dianetics and Scientology contains false and misleading claims of a medical or scientific nature and that the E-meter has no proven usefulness in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease, nor is it medically or scientifically capable of improving any bodily function.

The effect of this judgment will be to eliminate the E-meter as far as further secular use by Scientologists or others is concerned. E-meter auditing will be permitted only in a religious setting subject to placing explicit warning disclaimers on the meter itself and on all labeling. The Government has requested an opportunity to show that complete forfeiture and destruction of the E-meter is required, but the Court has concluded that however desirable this may be in the public interest, the Court is without power to so order in view of the protections afforded claimant and others similarly situated under the First Amendment.

Here is the entire ruling.


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Anonymous is Legion.
Anonymous is a chimera of individuals, attracted by the very concept of Anonymous.
Anonymous is the Internet's expression of the Body Politic.
Anonymous do not have leaders.
Anonymous have appeals.
Anonymous have the power to call on the united forces of diversified groups.
Anonymous have struck a chord in their call for exposure and peacefull protest of the church of scientology.

We are many, as we are different.
We have heard the battlecall.
We shall heed it.

Expect us.