Monday, February 4, 2008


Welcome to The Anonymous Revolution.

On January 21, 2008,
in an electrifying video on Youtube, Anonymous declared war on the Church of Scientology . The casus belli was its abuse of free speech in forcing Youtube to take down a video of Tom Cruise raving about Scientology.

After declaring war, Anonymous, a confederation of groups from various internet image boards, quickly set up Project Chanology, "a large scale plan to bring down the Church of Scientology in its present form." Its website (sometimes down perhaps due to Church of Scientology attacks) acts as Command Central. It publishes messages to the general public, the enemy, and the troops. It provides education and training to thousands of anonymous. It boosts their morale through Raidchan Radio. An anti-Scientology website,, serves as the main forum where Anonymous debates and plans strategy.

Anonymous allied itself with long-time anti-Scientology activists known as the Critics. On Youtube Anonymous called for world-wide demonstrations on February 10th, the birthday of Lisa McPherson, a young woman who wanted to leave the cult and who died through horrendous medical neglect at its hands.

On February 10th, more than 7,000 anonymous poured off the internet into the streets for the first time ever. Anonymous scored major successes demonstrating against CoS "churches" all over the world. The next demonstration, Party Hard, takes place on Saturday, March 15, a few days after the birthday of the cult's false prophet, L. Ron Hubbard. Over 9,000 new anonymous are expected to swell the ranks by then.

Most of the general public find talk of a "war" on a religion to be somewhat shocking. Most people believe Scientology is an odd religion practiced by some Hollywood celebrities, but basically harmless.

What is coming more into public awareness through the struggle being waged are even more shocking things about this "church" which carried out the largest infiltration of the United States government through Operation Snow White which involved up to 5,000 covert agents.

Is there another church that carries out actions designed to drive its critics to insanity or frame them for crimes and put them in prison as the Church of Scientology did against author and Auschwitz survivor Paulette Cooper in Operation Freakout?

Should we as Americans continue their tax-exemption in light of these and other human rights abuses that continue?

This blog is an invitation to everyone to join the Anonymous Revolution. It is written particularly for those who wish to join us who do not know what a lolcat is, as well as those who come from older generations - the parents, grandparents, and older and younger siblings of the magnificent cohort of men and women in their twenties who are the heart and soul of Anonymous.

Chanology is the culture of Anonymous and the underworld (at least to the general public) of the chans. The chans are image boards that originated in Japan. Mother of the English chans is 4chan.
Currently, it has thirty-five different image boards, covering topics ranging from anime, weapons, and photography to real and animated pornography. /b/, the random board, is the homeland of Anonymous. Posting anonymously is a requirement, and the origin of the group's name. Chan culture is marked by its own unique, often ribald, language; scathing invective; and a penchant for black humor, pornographic, gruesome and offensive images, raiding, and above all lulz. (Blue-hair minions see here. Others see here).

I am a naturalized anonymous. I do not know the chan world from inside, but I love this world, I hope many others will come to enjoy its lulz. I hope many
others will join the struggle for great justice.

I believe that Anonymous
is the most intriguing cultural phenomenon on the scene today. I believe it is creating a social revolution.

The first revolution was the actual internet revolt that occurred in January 2008.

The second revolution is the transformation of Anonymous from a tribe of lulz-crazed internet pranksters and raiders to a lulz-crazed, focused-like-a-laser, Anonymous Army of Davids declaring war on the Goliath of the wealthy, celebrity-assetted, litigious, vicious, organized crime con operation known as the Church of Scientology.

The third is Anonymous transforming itself from rabble in the underworld of the internet into a powerful moral force in the streets in real life, utterly intent on the liberation of the Captives of Scientology, the vindication of its Victims and Martyrs, and the destruction of the oppressive, and evil power structure of the Church of Scientology as it presently stands under the leadership of its head, David Miscavige.

Social revolution? You be the judge.

Anonymous does not want to take down the belief system of Scientology. We merely want to heap upon it the scorn and ridicule it so richly deserves . (Video here and here.) People are free to believe whatever odd or unusual thing they want. We have no argument with those who wish to engage in Scientology as a self-help psychology and self-improvement practice. We do want to take down the hateful and oppressive power structure Church of Scientology in its present form. We want to liberate its slaves.

To our brothers and sisters held captive by the Church of Scientology we say: Come out of the darkness and into the light of the glorious freedom of Anonymous and the rest of humanity.

Join us. Anonymous will prevail.

(The Anonymous Revolution awards five gold-plated internets to Encylopedia Dramatica for introducing us to Anonymous, and five gold-plated internets to editordrone of that seething cauldron of the revolution,, for inspiring me to write this blawg.)


Anonymous said...

You're slightly off on the details of Anon. You see, we've been around for years. The group originated on the different *chans board /b/. From there people from several different forums started affilitating and "joining" anon. Lately tons of people have joined just to fight Co$ completely unaware of anons shady history (Not a scilon, lulz I can has Body thetans now plx?). There has been a lot of controversy with /b/ particularly about such terms as CP. Don't look it up. ;) But seriously, it's great to see anon stronger then it has been in years, even though I still miss ye olde days.

Moar Xenu said...

LOL! Thx Anon. It is because of the "olde" Anon that I got involved in
this struggle for great justice because I was following its exploits on ED
like Hal Turner and the great Habbo raidz. I left out the history of the old
to keep it simple for n00bs. I figure they can pick up the history from ED
later. Anon as it is now is enough for the general public to absorb. Maybe moar than they can absorb. It is remarkable that Anon has become a confederation groups that use enjoy warring with each other. It looks like even furies and feminazis are joining the struggle for great justice. Main question nao: How can we enturbulated Co$?

Anonymous said...

Good for wearing at anti-CoS protests.

Or if you want to keep it relatively clean: