Sunday, February 17, 2008


Enturbanon Goddess Magoo introduced us to 85-year old Heroine Ida Carman on this Enturb thread:

I just spoke to Ida Camburn, who is 85 years old and has been fighting
the CULT of Scientology since they snagged up her son, 30+ years ago.

He "Disconnected" from her, and she hasn't heard from him since. Ida began fighting the cult of $cientology 30 years ago, joining the original CAN (Cult Awareness Network: Now bought up by Scientology--The Old C.A.N used to help families of people in Cults like Scientology!) She's written to Senators and Congressmen for years.

Ida has picketed with us--you can see her on
She's in the red hat :D

On February 10th she picketed around her neighborhood, out in Hemet, CA
which is the headquarters for Scientology.
If you drove up to Ida's ---you'd see her car with a bumper sticker:

And some Xenu Dolls in her window. She's a fantastic person, and I'm proud to say she's also a dear friend.

GOOD JOB, IDA!!! :mrgreen: :ohyeah: :xenu: :anon: :mrgreen:

My best,

PS: If she can figure out how to upload her photos, she will.

And she is hawt.


Anonymous said...

Wait, is her name Carman or Camburn?

Moar Xenu! said...

Hai, Anon. It's Camburn and I have fixed the post.

+10 internets to you for being the first to post at The Anonymous Revolution!