Friday, February 15, 2008

blue-hair minions watchin pr0n in ur basement

The excellent Nekromantik reported on his experience of speaking with the representative of his Congressman It went exceedingly well:

When I mentioned to her that the Co$ had infiltrated the IRS and received their tax-exempt status just as the perpetrators of the crimes were being sent to jail, she stated that this was something that *absolutely required* investigation. MAJOR FUCKING WIN!
Blue-hair MollyBloom responded:


Yes, please give links for all the tax info and the cases that have been in court and I will get my blue-hair minions on this immediately, they need to get out of the basement anyway because they have been finding where the kids hang on on the chans and are lurking there; I think they are enjoying the pr0n too much. ;)
That's Anonymous. Bluehairfags and 13-year old boys watching pr0n in the basement. lol!

Join us.

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