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There is such a great ferment of thinking, debate, strategizing, and lulz going on at the it is getting difficult to keep up with posts. So many of the posts are insightful, intriguing, amusing, and moving. From time to time I will post Enturbs of the Nao, gleanings from Enturb's threads.

Tax-exemption: Enturbanon Kansan to stop $ci pointed to excellent articles in the ABA Journal and the NYTimes on the current case claiming the government is violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution by granting CoS tax deductions for the outrageous fees for "religious" education it charges, and this despite a 1987 Supreme Court forbidding them to do so.

Femanonymous provided this great quote from the pdf of the 2002 9th Circuit Court of Appeals from the ABA Journal article:
If the IRS does, in fact, give preferential treatment to members
of the Church of Scientology -- allowing them a special
right to claim deductions that are contrary to law and rightly
disallowed to everybody else -- then the proper course of
action is a lawsuit to stop to that policy. 1 The remedy is not
to require the IRS to let others claim the improper deduction,
Tsu No Dihm makes this excellent comment:

The Holy Bible, Free from Gideons.
The Book of Mormon, Free from the Church of Latter Day Saints.
The Teachings of Scientology, more than $350,000

Revoking the Tax Exempt Status of the Corporation of Scientology...


Something I thought up today, perhaps it would make a good sign or Flier.

Calling all lawyers: An Anonymous Army of Lawyers is needed to take on this epically litigious Goliath. Join us!

Chanology: The great debate on chan culture and how much it should be evident in our raidz demonstrations and propaganda our banners, placards, and handout continues to rage. There are so many posts pro and con, I am going to give my position here and let you browse Enturb for varying perspectives.

I find chan culture so lulzy that I want to introduce it to people. I am always thinking of ways to help people get over their shock and disgust at some of it, appreciate chanology, have great lulz and join us. If they are unwilling to enjoy mega-lulz, then I try to get them to support the cause of great justice anyway. The critics and liberated captives of Scientology are thrilled with us just as we are. We don't need everyone to join us. Today we are 7000+ . The cult is only 80,000. If we can recruit that many anons, they are dead. Surely we can get that many despite what some may be turned off by. Chanology is not all niggertits. We can leave the word out of the raids. We have a ton of memes the public will love. So let the rickrolls roll. Let everyone join us and party hard at the March 15 raidz and enjoy the delicious caek of our finest memes.

Crimes of the Cult:

Biggins posted this gem:

January 21, 2008

Three French members of the Church of Scientology, suspected of holding a fourth person against their will, were arrested Monday in Nuoro, Sardinia, a local police spokesman told AFP. “The three people belong to the Church of Scientology, whereas the person being held was probably not a member,” Fabrizio Mustaro, of the Nuoro Prefecture on the Mediterranean island, told AFP.

Police were alerted by a phone call that reported cries for help coming from a house on Mount Ortobene, near Nuoro, said Mustaro. Officers found a 47-year-old woman of Tunisian origin sleeping semi-naked on a mattress infested with vermin. She was subsequently hospitalised. Three other people at the house, a 42-year-old woman and two 18-year-old men, one of Tunisian origin, were arrested and charged with kidnapping.
"You Can't Stop The Signal"

Nice work, scilons.

Moar later.

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