Saturday, February 16, 2008


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Tory Christman to the Anonymous Revolution and the esteem and affection with which she is held by anons the world over.

Tory was a member of CoS for 30 years and worked in the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). She left and became one of the leading Critics of Co$. She is utterly delightful. When she first heard of the great declaration of war video she thought it was a false flag trick by OSA to distract attention from the infamous Tom Cruise video and Andrew Morton's new biography of Tom Cruise. Then the phone rang, and a voice said, "This is Anonymous." The beginning of a love affair.

She is widely known as Magoo, her chatroom handle. This video shows why we fight.

Tory now has a webcam and will posting on Youtube. All her videos are here.
Her main page with many videos of her speaking about her experience with the cult
is here.

And she is hawt.

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