Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The time has come in the life of this blog to cut chanspeak free to rawr. Chanspeak is the national language of the tribal confederation that is Anonymous. It is a language of endless lulz, richness of memes, and a wonderous mashup of dialects from many sources including texting, chat, gaming, and Japanese pidgin English. It is the language of scathing satire, parody, invective, and black humor. It abounds in artful misspellings. It is utterly raunchy and epically hilarious. It is the language of absolute freedom of speech. Nigras are revered for their heroism in The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006. Youtube videos are cheerfully called jewtubes. Chan has transformed the vilest epithets in our culture into lulzy terms of affection. Every one, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is a fag: newfags, oldfags, bluehairfags, $cifags, and fagfags. It gleefully slaughters every politcally correct cow in sight. It kills it, eats it, shits it out, flings it into the fan, and shouts out, "Epic fukken win!!!!!11111ELEVEN!!!!

It is one of the great languages of the world.



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