Sunday, February 17, 2008


ArchCritic Arnie Lerma of Exposing the Con has published a list of Co$ lawyers, both confirmed Co$ and needing confirmation. If anons were of a vindicative mind like the scilons, we would adopt their own dead-agenting tactics against these minions of Tom Cruise's Cult (TCC) .

But we're not.

I won't publish the list here, but thought I would point out this member of the legal staff of the Scientology Hate Machine in our nation's capitol. Oh, rite. There were those infiltrations of the IRS offices n stuff.

Disregard that. Go read it and find out for yourself.

Oh, and if you know any of these people, say hai! from all of us anons. Tell them they will have a lot more lulz and save a whole lot of money if they come out into the freedom of Anonymous and the rest of humanity.

Calling all lawyers: Anonymous needs a Pro-Bono Anonymous Army of Paralegals, Attorneys, Litigators, and First Amendament and Tax Law Experts. Join us in the struggle for Great Justice!

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